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"heard and saw turkeys everyday of hunt..."
Heard and saw turkeys everyday of hunt..great number of birds.saw crazy amount of boars dens just couldn't get up early enough.. Or lets say stay up long enough .Turkey was my priority and had ample opportunity including a kill on nice tom   - Attila Voit   "The Turkish Turkey Hunter"
Put our expertise to work for you. At SouthWest Trophy Hunting, we are proud to have received the following recognition from our clients over the past 9+ years.
Jim puts on a great hunt. Nice clean accomodations and plenty of animals. You wont be disappointed 
 - Jeff Mckee
"The guide was very knowledgable about the game and terrain, and provided us a great hunt"
My 13 year old daughter and I booked a hunt with this guide. We arrived at camp and he got us out there to do a hunt as fast as possible. The accomodations were not 5 star, but comfortable and perfect for the little time we spent there as we were there to hunt, not sit in a cabin. While in our blind we saw many different species of animals, and had some awesome mother/daughter time. The guide was very knowledgable about the game and terrain, and provided us a great hunt. We will be going back as soon as we can afford another wall hanger.
     - Lynnette Hischer
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I took my two boys ages 12 and 6 and three other hunters for 6 hunters total. We had a wonderful time. Jim was very perfessional and catered to all of our needs. He made sure everyone got the animals they were after and even threw in a freebie by letting us go night hunting for predators. We hunted for 6 days and Jim was on top of it. No complaints from anyone in the group, we all want to go back. Thanks again Jim for all the awsome memories!

- Scott Taylor
News and Reviews for SouthWest Trophy Hunting
"Loaded with birds, saw tons of pigs, the property is awesome"

  - Chad Burkley
Jim was very knowledgeable and gave good instructions throughout the hunt. He put me on a nice Black Hawaiian Sheep and a big hog! He did an excellent job! Look forward to coming back! Maybe for some of those Nice Axis or BlackBucks!
- Jacob Reit
Excellent! Myself and three others hunted with Raby's Hunting on one of his South Texas ranches for the Spring 2015 turkey hunt. From the time we arrived, until the time we left, Jim Raby did exactly what he said he would do. Jim met us in town and we followed him to the ranch. Once we arrived, he immediately took us to spots known to hold turkeys, due to his pre-scouting. At first light, the areas that we were hunting came alive with the the type of gobbling that you could only dream of. By the end of our first day of hunting, three of the four of us had turkeys, along with a few missed opportunities. On the second morning, our fourth hunter took a bird. Each bird killed was a mature Tom with a 9" - 10" beard and good hooks. We had multiple chances where we should of but couldn't seal the deal and kill our additional birds. Not only did we see and hear a bunch of turkeys, we saw exotics, and enough hogs to make us want to carry a rifle while turkey hunting! Our group of hunters have hunted outfitters in Kansas, Wyoming, Texas, and Florida. Jim Raby is what an outfitter should be, honest, upfront, personable, knowledgeable and dedicated to seeing that his hunters have a great experience. I can't wait to go back.
Jim is Super Good person, did his research with cameras on different ranches, and got the Big Hog 1st sit at midnight, moonlight hunt.. I was very pleased and recommend him for any whitetail, exotics, and wild hog hunts, he in a prime area, access to alot of ground ranches. .